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Sierra Blades epee fencer Stuart Davis finishes in 12th place at the Treasure Chest Y 10 RYC.
















Sierra Blades opens community youth fencing space in mid town.

A 500 square foot fencing space is being opened for small youth classes and lessons. 



Sierra Blades Sends Two Athletes to the Junior Olympics

Thomas Ballinger and Cody Reeth competed in the 2019 Junior Olympics in Denver. 















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Unleash your inner Olympian!

Reno Youth Fencing Program
Competitive Training

Prepare for local, regional and national competition with Reno's only USFCA certified fencing master. Drills, themed fencing, footwork and conditioning, and private lessons round out our program.


Part ballet, part physical chess. Your child will improve their coordination, stamina, and cognitive abilities through diligent and regular practice of this 400 year old sport. Sierra Blades fencing program also promotes team work and discipline in a friendly and nurturing environment.

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Private Lessons

Perfect technique one on one or two on one. Learn the lunge, parry, and riposte as well as more advanced techniques to frustrate and defeat your adversary.

Lessons are available in foil and epee at mutually agreeable times.

Reno Youth Fencing Program

Strength and Conditioning

Develop strength and power in your legs and core through fencing.


Cross Training

Develop alternate muscle groups by mixing in martial arts with fencing.

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